HoRN.NAM supports SA bid for legal rhino horn trade

RUNDU, 07 MAR (NAMPA) – Anti-poaching organisation Help our Rhinos NOW Namibia (HoRN.NAM) is in support of the initiative launched by South African (SA) private rhino owners to legally trade in rhino horns. HoRN.NAM chairperson, Jaco Muller in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday said, as an organisation advocating for the protection of the rhino in Namibia, HoRN.NAM is 100 per cent in favour of the legal trade initiative.
“We believe that that is the last and only way to save the rhinos from extinction,” Muller said.
According to reports by Chinese news agency, Xinhua, the Private Rhino Owners Association (PROA) in South Africa on Monday launched an initiative that will facilitate the legal trade of rhino horns.
It quoted the PROA as saying that the newly established online trade desk, known as Rhino Horn Trade Africa, aims to provide a managed, efficient platform from which “genuine buyers and sellers can trade in clean, humanely acquired rhino horns'.
Muller further said since rhino horns grow back at a rate of 8 centimeters per year, the horns can thus be harvested sustainably without having to kill or harm any single rhino.
He added that people who use rhino horns can come and buy the horns legally at a cheaper price rather than buying expensive illegal rhino horns.
HoRN.NAM is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2014 to create awareness and coordinate efforts for the protection of rhinos in Namibia.


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