Wounded rhino cow dies

One of the four wounded rhinos on a farm in Central Namibia has died because of her injuries.

It followed after one cow were poached and her horns been removed. After a bull calf's mother also been wounded, it died due to stress being without his mother.

According to Mr. Jaco Muller of the private rhino conservation organization, Help
our Rhinos Now Namibia (HorN.nam), at least four rhinos were wounded,
namely two cows, one bull and one young verse. The two cows are through a
treating a veterinarian, but one of them was mad afternoon and the other one said
condition is critical. The other two should survive.

"The cow who had died's, five-month-old calf was missing but we did
found her yesterday afternoon and it's going well with her, "Muller said.

Nambia's rhino tribe rate now stands at 31 for this year.

Source: https://www.republikein.com.na/nuus/gewonde-renosterkoei-vrek2017-11-29/

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