HoRN.Nam fights poaching

HoRN.Nam on the move
Nadia Meding
A few months (9 June) ago Jaco Muller officially launched Help our Rhinos Now Namibia (HoRN.Nam), a non-profit organization in Okahandja to help in the efforts to eliminate poaching of rhinos and the smuggling of their horns.

On 27 June the owner of the Uukwaluundhi Conservancy arranged with HoRN.Nam to help them in their struggle to count their rhino population as something seemed to be out of place. It was later found that indeed some incidents of rhino poaching were detected when HoRN.Nam made use of their gyrocopter to search the fields when they came across carcasses of two rhinos.
Recent incidents found were that of a rhino that was poached last week, of which it is suspected that the carcass was about four weeks old already.
HoRN.Nam has also kept to their promise in providing any informants award money for information that could lead to the possible arrest and prosecution of poachers and horn smugglers. Two informants were both awarded a generous amount of N$5000 each in their efforts to provide information to a pending investigation that could possibly lead to a breakthrough.
“We are currently working very close with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). When such informants give us information, we give it to the MET, where the Protected Resources Unit (PRU) does the sting operation,” Muller explained.
Individuals who wish to donate cash contributions to HoRN.Nam are welcome to do so by donating to: Horn.nam, FNB Otjiwarongo, Branch Code 280673, Account Number 62251811355. For more information, also feel free to contact Jaco Muller at 081 124 1241.

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